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Steve Lipman Rediscover

He lives and breathes the songs, and his phenomenal voice helps him transmit his deep passion for them to his audience. NOVEMBER, 2015 Brent Black Lipman's gift is his passionate interpretation and immediate connectivity with the audience or listener to allow them the chance to experience the same emotional highs and lows we all feel and are saved forever in these classics. Lipman is truly gifted with a sparkling gem of a voice, and his performances are dazzling. Stacey Zering He is a truly talented performer who does not imitate a style, or even reenact pieces of the Great American Songbook NOVEMBER, 2015
Steve Lipman invites you to rediscover the Great American Songbook. Make a contribution to Steve’s new album and help keep America’s original art form alive.


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The album Rediscover is an exploration of the music of the Great American Songbook with new and innovative interpretations. The title is an invitation to listeners who may remember these songs from childhood, but are eager to rediscover their emotional power. [READ 1=”MORE” ]